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diNGK Sports, has engineered the latest addition to our performance paddles, The PRO Grit. Our engineers crafted this top of the line paddle with Carbon T700 face with grit surface that delivers optimal RPMs matched with increased power. Our 14 mm Poly-core provides the touch and control at the line. It helps reduce vibrations and an extra boost in power. With our wide geometrical design 16 x 8" inches and our 5.3" handle grip you'll optimize your acceleration on your drives and comfort for two-handed backhand. Our standard Mid-Weight (7.9-8.2 oz) will give you stability and power for overhead. diNGK SPORTS durable edgeguard will extend the life of the paddle.  Our craftsmanship in our premium paddles is by far one of the top in the industry. We designed the paddles for the 3P's (POWER, PRECISIONS, AND PERFORMANCE). The PRO Grit is one of the top performing paddle on the market
Color * Pink

Product Specs and Details

16 x 8" inches
16 x 8" inches
7.9oz -8.3oz
Core Material
Polypropylene Core
Paddle Shape
Square with round corners
Core thickness
14 mm
Surface Material

Raw Carbon T700

Surface finish



4" Inches Circ.

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